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Mestre Rui
Groupe Centro Cultural Senzala
Eleve de : Mestre Beto
Corde : Rouge
et/ou académie

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Contra-Mestre Rui is the most graduated and skillful Capoeirista in Denmark, and is wanted for both workshops and shows in great parts of Europe. He started his Capoeira training in the 1980s and was a dedicated student in the old Senzala Academy in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, with Mestre Beto and Mestre Peixinho. When he was 17 years old, Contra-Mestre Rui started giving Capoeira classes for free to children who could not afford to pay. As he was a skilled and respected Capoeirista, he was offered his own Capoeira academy after a few years, in Rio de Janeiro.

During the last years, Contra-Mestre Rui has taught Capoeira regularly in Copenhagen, Denmark, and through his collaboration with Steen Koerner, from the former breakdance group Out of Control, he has participated in the theater play "11komma7" with Al Agami and McClemens, as well as the new hip-hop productions "The Triumf of Harlekins" in Tivoli and "The Nutcracker" at Aveny-T.

If you are interested in a Capoeira show and workshop, Contra-Mestre Rui can be contacted at